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A word from our host

Nanette Miner, Ed. D.
Founder and Managing Consultant for
The Training Doctor, LLC

"Who's going to lead our companies into the future? The Baby Boomers have held leadership positions for decades and now they are about to leave the workforce en masse.  Who are your future leaders? What skills do they need? Where, when, and how will they get them?

Attend our workshop and we'll help you plan your strategy to solve these tough questions."

Teach at the beach!

This 2 day hands-on workshop guides you and your thinking partner to create an ACTIONABLE, IMPLEMENTABLE plan for beginning sustainable leadership development in your organization. Following your registration, you will get an email with the workshop preparation instructions.

Developing Your Future Leaders Workshop

Hosted by Nanette Miner, Ed.D.

Module 1:

Who Gets Leadership Development?

This is a critical discussion and the first step in formulating the plan for leadership development in your organization. By 2030, Millennials and Gen-Z will make up 75% of your workforce – they are also your future leaders. But Gen-X – currently in their 40’s and 50’s – are the most likely to move in to leadership roles in the near future. Are they prepared? Each of these generations has a different learning style and preference. Should you pick-and-choose who gets trained? Train them all? Accommodate differences or determine “the way” to become a leader in your organization? Until we determine who gets leadership training in your organization (and it may be different for each attendee) we cannot formulate the rest of the developmental plan.

Module 2:

Which Skills Are Most Important?

As you know, business is changing rapidly and continuously, so now is the time to pinpoint the skills and behaviors you believe will be crucial to your future success. In our second module we’ll help you to identify the skills that will be most critical for the leadership of your organization, going forward. Based on our 25+ years of experience and research in to successful leader behaviors and leadership development training programs, The Training Doctor has identified 5 core areas for leadership learning and success. They are: 1. Interpersonal Skills 2. Business Acumen 3. Personal Development 4. External Experience and Insight 5. Next Level Thinking We will examine each of the core areas, as well as the myriad of topics associated within each of them, to determine the top 10 or 15 skills you feel are critical for the future success of your organization.

Module 3:

Where Will the Training Come From?

If your organization does not have a designated training department – don’t despair! Resources abound – you just need a guide to show you the way. In our third module we’ll open up a world of training opportunities to you – from free to low-cost to custom–built – as well as delve into the learning styles and preferences of the various generations within your workforce, so that your chosen offerings will be well accepted. You’ll determine the best resources for your organization, in alignment with the skills needed (identified in the previous session), to begin to equip your future leaders.

Module 4:

What Does Implementation Look Like?

In the final module you will pull all of the prior topics and activities together to determine how you will go about implementing your future-leader development program. You’ll develop a timeline; a prescribed order of activities supported by hands-on experiences; a way to monitor, evaluate and reward each employee’s activities; and we’ll discuss whether the development is part of a formal performance management program or not.


The ROI of a leadership development strategy in your organization is incredible.

1. Easier Recruitment
2. Increased Retention
Leadership Pipeline

developing your future leaders workshop
myrtle beach, sc | march 24-25, 2020


About Dr. Nanette Miner

Dr. Nanette Miner is a leadership development and workplace learning strategy consultant. She is the founder of, and Managing Consultant for, The Training Doctor; a South Carolina-based consulting firm that helps its clients to prepare today, for the organizational leadership they will need tomorrow. Clients appreciate her skill at asking relevant, timely, and often challenging questions that stimulate new thinking and help organizations to prepare for the future of work. Her focus on business goals, integrated with sound principles of adult learning, results in enhanced organizational effectiveness and astounding return on investment.

She is a frequent speaker at trade conferences and corporate conventions, and an expert-guest on the topic of workforce development for Inc. Radio. Publishing Her most recent book is Future-Proofing Your Organization by Teaching Thinking Skills. As a scholar-practitioner, she is has authored books on various aspects of business management, marketing and employee development, and has been published in, or quoted by Huffington Post, Fast Company, the BBC, MBA, and numerous industry and trade journals.

Nanette has been passionate about business and learning since she was a youngster. She had a paper route from ages 11 – 15 and attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, at 16, on her own dime. In addition, she has a bachelor’s in business and marketing, a master’s in human resource management and organization development, and a doctorate in adult learning theory.

Fun Fact: While a college student, Nanette spent 1 summer as the personal assistant to Ronald McDonald. Ask her about it when you come to the workshop!